Skate Talk… (i.e. Yu-Na Kim rocks the house)

Time for some skate talk.  Yu-Na Kim did herself proud last week, becoming the World Champion for the first time.  I gotta say, she’s the first one since Michelle Kwan and maybe Sasha Cohen that made me sit up and go “Whoa.”  Her long program was good (too bad about the doubled salchow, and I wish the triple loop was in there somewhere), but it’s the short program that’s meant for the ages.  Love the dress, lurve the killer look in the beginning, and that triple flip-triple toe combination is to die for.   Yu-Na’s really the only skater with a distinct persona in an era where that stupid new scoring system is muffling all the skaters into doing the same things to try to rack up the most points possible (hate, hate, HATE the system).  Congratulations, Yu-Na.  Well done.


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