Have Mercy…

madonna2Madonna’s probably ensconsed in her mansion (Miami? New York? L.A.? London? Take your pick), nursing a grief that even her gazillion dollars can’t heal. As heard around the world by now, Madonna’s attempt to adopt a baby girl from Malawi has been legally rejected. Ouch. Apparently, the judge told Madonna she had to live in the country for over a year before he’d allow the adoption (Yeah, like that’s gonna happen).

It can’t be easy for Madonna. Let’s face it; what Madonna wants, is what Madonna gets, but not this time. It’s gotta hurt.

I’m not sure what the whole backlash is all about. It’s not like Madonna ran into some random Malawi house, snatched a baby out of a mother’s hands, and said, “Outta my way, this baby’s mine now.” The girl was in an orphanage! Isn’t that what an orphanage does? Take care of babies until suitable adoptive parents are found? Madonna’s a pampered diva, no doubt, but seriously, a baby could do a lot worse. Just saying.

Anyhow, with all the brouhaha surrounding Madonna once again, I wanted to remind people that no matter what you may think of her and her life, there’s no denying that she’s made a lot of amazing pop music over the years. So Madonna, in your hour of need, this one is for you: the live version of “Like a Prayer” from the Re-Invention Tour. Sometimes, life is a mystery. Indeed.

Madonna – Like a Prayer (Live)

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