He’s Back And Well…. Ehhhh (i.e. Top 5 Songs By Eminem)

EminemEminem’s back. Here’s the video of his single, “We Made You,” and it’s a typical Eminem parody, this time spoofing Sarah Palin, Amy Winehouse, Jessica Simpson, and numerous others. To be honest, the biggest parody he seems to be doing is the one he’s doing on himself. It all seems rehashed and recycled, and the song–like “Crack the Bottle” before it–is just… well, it’s just there. To be honest, it’s boring, which is something Eminem has rarely been accused of being.

So instead of hypothesizing about his upcoming Relapse album, let’s instead press rewind and count down the Top 5 Eminem songs of all-time.

5. Without Me: Eminem goes pop, and it works. It had the same magic that both “We Made You” and “Just Lose It” tried to recapture–both failing miserably.

4. Stan: This dark tale of a disturbed fan is as well structured as a Fitzgerald novel. It went on to create headlines when Eminem performed it at the Grammys with none other than Elton John, which many saw as Eminem’s message of acceptance after all the homophobia accusations leveled against him. I don’t know. It may have seemed nice, but it’s kind of like a guy punching you in the gut and then saying, “Oh, I’m sorry. I regret punching you.” Sure, he apologized, but does that make him better than the people who never punched you in the first place? I think not.

3. Superman: Eminem gets bitchy–bitch this, bitch that–with one woman-slaying lyric after another. I know I shouldn’t like this, but Eminem’s delivery slays my inhibitions away. He’s being a dick, but the song is awesome, nonetheless.

2. Kim: Wow. Such is the terrifying power of this song that I can’t even imagine what listening to it twice in a row would do to me. As horror-inducing as (good) pop music ever gets.

1. The Way I Am: This is the song that made me start taking Eminem seriously (I mean, “My Name Is” was just schtupid child’s play). If you really think about it, the lyrics are kind of funny, since Eminem wasn’t that big of a star when the song came out, so it comes off a bit lady-doth-protest-too-much. However, Eminem put real anger and real heart into the song, and such emotional power is what made Eminem for several years the most salient artist in music. That’s why he needs to stop fooling around with crap tracks like “We Made You” and start digging deep once again.

Eminem – The Way I Am

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