(Top 101) #98: Like the Way I Do – Melissa Etheridge

melissa2Melissa Etheridge’s best songs revolve around a simple story: You love her (or him; Melissa doesn’t like pronouns that aren’t “I,” “you,” and “me”). She doesn’t love you. So now you scream out your rage. (EDIT: One exception is Melissa’s excellent “Prison,” which is achingly sad and delicate)

Seriously, you could mix lines from “Come To My Window,” “I Wanna Come Over” and “Like the Way I Do,” and they would sound perfectly linear and coherent (although they might not rhyme as well). Out of all those Melissa anthems of female anger and heartbreak, it’s “Like the Way I Do” that makes the most impact, with Melissa singing and snarling like her heart’s going to jump out any moment and burn for the object of her desire and everyone else to see. Awesome stuff. Compared to that, Alanis Morissette’s oeuvre comes off like the “Sound of Music” soundtrack.

98 Melissa Etheridge – Like the Way I Do

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