TV Round-Up (American Idol, The Office, & ANTM): The Michael Scott Paper Company Rocks

The OfficeAmerican Idol:

Kris is back! His gentle, pleading take on “Falling Slowly” from Once (one of my favorite movies EVER) was natural and subtly touching. Randy didn’t like it (Boo!), but both Kara and Simon did (although Kara puzzled me by describing the song as “obscure”; it won the Oscar, which is supposedly seen by a BILLION people, right?). Not so subtle was Adam’s rendition of “Born To Be Wild,” which pretty much blew the roof off from the joint. Seriously, those two need to be the final two.

As for the rest, Alison was rock solid; Danny was decent; and Lil was disappointing, building up to a payoff that never arrived. Anoop was a HUGE surprise for me; Quentin Tarantino’s advice to “dirty it up” was spot on, and Anoop’s voice had more emotion that I ever heard before. Well done, Anoop. As for Matt, he really slid down the vocal ladder; the high part just before the end was painful to listen to (on both nights). He was clearly the worst of the bunch… Well, not if you count Miley Cyrus from the results show, but still.

Of course, Matt ended up being saved, and the ensuing group hugs all around was a genuinely touching moment. Also, I was relieved that the whole “Judges’ Save” gimmick is now a thing of the past. And the stage has been set for what should be a VERY interesting week. Like Simon said, two people will be going home, and it’s disco night. You just know that at least a couple of people are going to embarrass themselves with disco, and that’s probably going to seal their fates. Aside from Adam and Danny, no one seems to be out of danger. And I can’t even imagine how Kris is going to deal with the danger of disco, but I can’t wait to see him try. Village People-lize yourself, Kris; you can do it!


It was a kind of ho-hum episode. London was eliminated for a) having gained too much weight, and likely b) being religious but not overly so, denying much-hoped-for catfights over God and so on (Robin from Cycle 2). The best part of the show was the week’s challenge when the girls styled each other. It was actually a very sensible and educational task for the girls to go through! (very unlike ANTM) Oh, and that Nigel guy really needs to get over himself. Wow, Alison liked another photographer; what a sin. Boo-hoo, Nigel. Cry us a river.

The Office:

I really liked this episode, and the show seems solidly back on track after some really weak episodes this season. I think I know why. Pam and Jim’s relationship had gotten really boring, and their little trouble-in-paradise conflicts came off really awkward and far-stretched. But now, Pam and Jim no longer work together and have to interact more with other people. Presto, the laughs are back! The newly formed trio, Michael, Pam, and Ryan have been absolutely hilarious together. I laughed out loud on the subway while watching the whole Cheese Puff opening on my Viliv PMP and got a “Are you nuts?” look from the lady sitting across from me. Sorry, lady. Just glad that the Office is humming the way it should be. 2nd best moment: Michael’s monologue on the Civil War (“What did it really do, besides abolishing slavery?”).

Going back to Idol talk, here’s the original version of the song Kris sang: “Falling Slowly.” Seriously, Once is one the movies you must watch at least once (no pun intended, as I’m dead serious about this) before you die.

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova – Falling Slowly

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