Morning Countdown #3 (4/25/09)

1) The World Is Mine –David Guetta
2) You Mean Everything To Me –Park Jung Hyun (aka Lena Park)
3) Whenever Wherever (or is it the other way around?) –Shakira
4) Come Undone –Duran Duran
5) Shower Me With Your Love –Surface

After my late-night cleanfest, I slept a grand total 90 minutes before I went to school for work. It’s actually the first time I stayed up so late before a workday, and I only did it because I wouldn’t be teaching the next day. Instead, the kids and I were to go off on a field trip to a science museum an hour away.

Still, I predictably felt zombie-licious on my morning subway ride. Fortunately for me, the first song that came up instantly grabbed my attention. Part of it was that I didn’t recognize it for quite some time. For some time, I thought it was a track from the new Depeche Mode album that I hadn’t really heard yet. I soon realized it was “The World Is Mine,” which is very dance-y but definitely has an underlying alternative vibe, reminiscent of Depeche and New Order.

The next song featured one of my favorite Korean singers, Park Jung Hyun, but it’s not one of her best efforts. It’s a nice enough song, but it threatened to lull me back into sleep which was NOT what I needed. I wasn’t any more moved by Shakira, whose performances I always end up enjoying more than her actual songs. Again, good song, but not great, especially in my less-than-ideal morning state of mind.

“Come Undone” did a lot to bring me back up. It’s a song from Duran Duran’s big comeback era, when “Ordinary World” brought them back (if only briefly) from stuck-in-the-80’s oblivion. I actually much prefer “Come Undone”: great melody, solid vocals from Simon, and one hook-ey chorus. It showed that Duran Duran could deliver without synthesizered help.

I actually smiled when I heard the beginning of the next song, “Shower Me With Your Love.” I hadn’t heard it in ages, and it’s such a pretty, pretty song sung by a even prettier voice. There’s just one problem. It’s also pretty damn repetitive, and by the 29th time I heard “Shower me with your love…” I was hoping the singer would be showered with something else entirely.

David GuettaSo the Final Two came down to David Guetta and Duran Duran. Two great songs, but the edge goes to Mr. Guetta because, well, the song has a lot more edge. It’s got the clashing of moods and vibes–not to mention a sense of impending doom–that characterizes a lot of my favorite music, especially that of the aforementioned Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys. That’s high praise indeed, but “The World Is Mine” deserves it, if only to actually wake me up enough to get through the day (which I did; however, that night, I ended up sleeping for 14 hours, my personal record in some time).

The Winner: David Guetta – The World Is Mine

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