(Top 101) #94. Perfect – Danny Michel

Danny MichelThis is likely one of the most obscure songs on this countdown. At least, it’s the only one off a CD that I had to order from an independent music site instead of the biggies like eBay or Amazon.com. That CD–which turned out to be excellent–was “Tales From an Invisible Man” by Canadian Danny Michel, and the reason why I needed to get it was a song I heard by chance, “Perfect.”

The song’s title refers to that rush you get when you’re driving to see the person you love/want/need. It’s the idea of the moment when life just can’t feel any better, and everything is exactly the way you want it to be. And there’s an element of the bittersweet in there as well, a sense that one day you’ll be looking back at that moment with utter longing, wanting to return to it but knowing it’s just not possible.

If you’re going to sing about a rush that triggers all of that, you of course need to deliver musically, and Danny Michel does and then some. His voice and the crashing guitars are tight as Brad Pitt’s abs, and that chorus would make Springsteen green with envy.

In other words, the song lives up to the title. “Nobody move, this is perfect.” It sure is, Danny. Sing it.

94 Perfect – Danny Michel

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