(Top 101) The Ones That Just Missed: #102-125

We all face crossroads in our lives, and trust me, I’m no exception. In fact, I’d say a good part of being a teacher is dealing with daily dilemmas when it comes to our students. Take Friday for example. I walk into my last class for the week, tired but ready to discuss large numbers (“The comma is your friend. 10,000 is TEN thousand, because there’s a ten before the comma…”), when I’m thrown a major curveball in the form of a quiet but very nice student wearing a pale blue shirt which proclaims in English these poetic words: “FUCKIN’ FREEZING!”

Hmm. Do I say nothing? Do I ask the boy to not wear the shirt again? Again, a dilemma. In the end, I decided not to say anything, partly because I didn’t want to embarrass him, and mostly because if I did, the kids would instantly notice my discomfort and I’ll end up hearing chants of “Fuckin’ freezing!” everyday for several weeks, regardless of the actual weather conditions.

Anyhow, making decisions can be very hard. And so it was when it came to the Top 101 Countdown. Since we are now 10% through, I thought I’d bring out the honorable mentions, i.e. the ones that almost but didn’t quite make the list. Here they are:

Pat Benatar125. Love Is a Battlefield –Pat Benatar
124. Graduation Day –Chris Isaak
123. Ode to My Family –The Cranberries
122. How Deep Is Your Love –Jinusean
121. Cash Machine –Hard-Fi
120. Could I Have It Like That vs. Trahison –Pharrell+Gwen Stefani vs. Vitalic (Mash-up)
119. Freshmen –The Verve Pipe
118. Jealous –Sinead O’Connor
117. Bitter End –Placebo
116. A Beautiful Lie –30 Feet to Mars
Morrissey115. Stay (I Missed You) –Lisa Loeb
114. This Mess We’re In –PJ Harvey & Thom Yorke
113. Spinning Around –Kylie Minogue
112. If You Don’t Know Me By Now –Simply Red
111. Toy Soldiers –Martika
110. Vogue –Madonna
109. Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word –Blue & Elton John
108. Fly –Celine Dion
107. The First of the Gang to Die –Morrissey
106. You Oughta Know –Alanis Morisette
Elton John105. Someone Like You –Van Morrison
104. By Your Side –Sade
103. You Never Know –Immortal Technique
102. Your Song –Elton John

I really think “Your Song” would’ve made the list if not for that one cringeworthy line, “If I were a sculptor… but then again, no.” Huh??? If you decided not to go with the sculptor angle, why not replace it with another line? It’s the only blemish in an otherwise awesome Elton classic.

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