(Top 101) #90. One More Try – George Michael

George Michael

When you hear the name George Michael, what comes to your mind? Perhaps, it’s the short-shorts from Wham!’s heyday. Or the endlessly close-upped ass from his “Faith” video (parodied ingeniously by Dana Carvey on SNL: “My ass has the power to HEAL!!!”). Or the bevy of supermodels who pranced around the “Freedom” video (surely the most awesomest video cast ever). Or the whole public restroom thing. Or your brain’s shut him out completely now and instead say, “The kid from ‘Arrested Development’?”

Whatever it is, it’s pretty undeniable that George Michael’s music has been largely forgotten by much of the masses, especially in the U.S. That’s a shame, because no matter what you thought of his wardrobe choices and his myriad of issues, the brother could SING. What’s so great about George Michael’s voice is that it’s so versatile, fitting almost any genre like a globe: soul (Praying For Time), rock (Monkey), dance (Fastlove), pure pop (Amazing), R&B (Freedom), and yes, even rap (if you haven’t you gotta check out “Bad Boys” from the earliest days of Wham!).

But I loved George Michael best when he was tugging at the heartstrings and the tearducts, and boy oh boy, does he do that well on “One More Try.” It’s all pure emotion pouring out, a man with nothing left to lose, like TLC not afraid to beg for the love he wants. It’s an emotional hurricane encapsulated in a song, and George Michael lets it all hang out (in a good way).

90 One More Try – George Michael

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