Morning Countdown #13 (7/10/09)

Next week is my last week of regular classes at my school. I will wrap things up by giving out Sticker Champion gift packs to the winning teams, giving letters and photos to every student, and by having an “all-fun” final class with a showing of a classic Simpsons episode: “Kamp Krusty.” Could it inspire the kids to stage a mutiny on the school? Perhaps, but it will be the last couple of days, so they won’t have enough time to organize a major revolution… hopefully 🙂 Anyhow, on with the Countdown!:

1) Same Script, Different Cast – Whitney Houston & Faith Evans
2) I Do – Lisa Loeb
3) Let Me Sign – Robert Pattinson
4) Love Tried To Welcome Me – Madonna
5) Celebrity Skin – Hole

Today’s Countdown starts with Whitney and Faith’s catfight-over-a-man duet, a grown-up version of “The Boy is Mine,” if you will. It’s a great song, and Whitney is in fine form here. At this point in her career, her voice wasn’t quite as crystal clear as it once was, but the slight rasp she had actually worked to her benefit, as it kind of gave her an edge and an aura of a woman who’s been through a whole lot and lived to sing about it. Of course, things went downhill for Whitney real fast, but she’s announced her new album will be coming out soon, and I hope she’ll have the successful comeback that I wished for Michael Jackson (sigh), just so she can tell off the world, “Crack is whack, and I am BACK!” (insert canned laughter here)

Lisa Loeb follows, and no, it’s not the “Stay” song. Lisa actually has several other good songs, and “I Do” definitely qualifies. It’s rockin’ in its own intelligent, book-loving girl kind of way. Actually, I just remembered Lisa had a reality show years ago where she just went around trying to find a boyfriend because she really wanted to start a family. It sounds a bit coarse, but Lisa came off very sweet and just as smart as her music would suggest. I don’t know what she’s doing now, but I hope she’s okay and still into all things Hello Kitty.

The third song is “Let Me Sign” courtesy of Twilight hearthrob Robert Pattinson, and it’s more of a tease than a full song, barely lasting over robp2two minutes. But I gotta say, it packs quite a moody wallop in its 138 seconds. It’s intense and atmospheric, and it leaves you hungry for more. Not surprisingly, it worked perfectly as the musical backdrop for when Rob bit into the Twilight girl and sucked her blood out (in order to save her life, of course; he’s the vampire with the heart of gold).

Madonna follows with “Love Tried to Welcome Me,” which has also been a favorite of mine from her Bedtime Stories album (it’s second only to “Take a Bow,” in my opinion). It’s a gentle, sad lullabye of a song, and it works perfectly. In fact, Bedtime Stories is the rare Madonna album where the ballads work and the uptempo numbers sink like stones (sorry, but I’ve always hated “Human Nature” aside from the video).

Then Hole! I haven’t thought about this band for ages, until I read recently that they were getting back together. I don’t know if anybody still cares, but for a time, Courtney Love was THE female face of rock, and “Live Through This” is probably my favorite rock album by a woman-fronted band. “Celebrity Skin” actually came from the following album, but it’s still a killer track.

Overall, it’s five solid songs without much between them. Madonna finishes at a close second. But in the end, I gotta follow the bloodthirsty voice beckoning from the dark woods.

Winner: Let Me Sign – Rob Pattinson

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