Tommyland Update…

The number of sixth grade classes I’ve had to say goodbye to: 1.

The number of sixth grade classes that I ended up crying in front of: 1.

guns rosesObviously, not the best of starts. Everything was rolling alone fine (the Simpsons proved to be a hit, as predicted) until I passed my letters out near the end, and two girls soon started crying, and when I saw that, oh man, that was pretty much it. Then to top it off, the homeroom teacher in a scene from Dead Poets’ Society, has all the students stand up and bow while saying, “Thank you.” That was it. Cue the violins, and let the tear ducts start flowing. Not my proudest moment, but fortunately, the kids took it in stride. That was yesterday, and the kids have been teasing me in the hallway all day today, saying “Tommy Teacher cry, I see, I see!” I’ve been answering with “Never! I have no heart.” Anyhow, my farewell to my 5th grade classes have been much better. Friday’s gonna be the toughest day, it being my last day of regular classes (I’m actually coming back on Monday to start the vacation English “camp”), and with goodbyes to be said to the remaining four 6th grade classes. I’ll man up, Tommyland style… Meanwhile, here’s an oldie but goodie from Axel and crew:

Don't Cry – Guns N' Roses

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