910.99 (as in a heartbeat away from an emergency)


I’m manning up, and I’m holding up, but man, my mind is a whirlwind, and I know I’m feeling a whole lot, but I don’t know what it is I’m feeling or what it all means. Does that make any sense? Do you remember the beginning of “Truth or Dare” when Madonna talks about how she makes peace with difficult situations before they actually happen so that she doesn’t feel anything when they do happen, even though she really knows she really will feel something? Okay, Madonna didn’t really make any more sense than I did.

But anyhow, the good news is that everything is going according to plan now (with only tomorrow remaining). The goodbyes have been poignant but not maudlin, said with smiles not tears. The kids have been getting a kick out of the letters (as well they better, it’s not so easy handwriting more than 350 messages) and their photos. I’ve had the kids go around the classroom and sign each other’s letters and photos yearbook-style. All in all, a great way to finish, I think, and the kids have been responding in kind, showering me with cards and presents (alas no envelopes filled with cash, j/k).

But yeah, I’m basically running on empty at this point, and I’m looking forward to a nice, relaxing collapse on Saturday. Is it all worth it, though? –> (Answer below)

Hell Yeah – Rev Theory

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