(Top 101) #84. Summertime – Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff


While I’ve been in Korea, the thing I’ve missed most about California has been, of course, my family. After that? It’s American McDonald’s (they don’t have Quarter Pounders in Korean McDonalds. D’oh!). But right after that is the beach and the ocean. My family lives in Harbor City, a block away from Torrance, and a 10 minute drive from Redondo Beach. I love it there. The pier. The seafood restaurant with the wooden hammers to crack open the crabs. The sounds of the waves. The sunset in the horizon. The last time I visited, my brother took me bike riding along the beach, and it was, in a word, transcendent.

There is simply something about a summer day on the beach that connects you into something, an energy that’s greater than yourself but a part of yourself at the same time. Call it God, call it Nature, call it Life, call it anything you want, but whatever it is, it is powerful, it is beautiful, it is mythical, and it’s also hella FUN! And that’s what “Summertime” is all about. Just having a great old time, enjoying a bright summer day when everything seems to take on an extra shine. Oh, California, I’m coming home soon; tell the summer days to wait for me.

84. Summertime – Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff

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