Another Great Bites the Dust…

jhJohn Hughes has passed away. I just found out a minute ago. I had gone home after teaching my final class at my (former?) elementary school, and I watched the tail end of a Korean cable news report, where they flashed a picture of Hughes. But me of course being a clueless idiot (and to be fair, it was another fairly emotional morning), I thought it was they were showing a picture of Stephen King(!!!), and I didn’t hear the part about anyone dying.

Well, now in a dimly lit PC room (“internet cafe” for non-Konglish speakers), I just found out that Mr. Hughes is gone. Man, it’s been a tough year for artists that have touched my life. Seriously, if anything happens to Madonna, Tori Amos, either of the Pet Shop Boys, writer Scott Spencer, Fairuza Balk, Ethan Hawke, and Jodie Foster in the next few months, I’ll know I’m putting a curse on these poor talented people.

Anyhow, Hughes’ films will live on forever, capable of transporting us into the glory of the 80’s (and our teen years) anytime we watch. In his memory, here is my favorite track from the Hughes canon (from the vastly underrated “Some Kind of Wonderful”):

Can\'t Help Falling In Love With You – Lick the Tins

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