The Kween is Back…

Michelle Kwan is now once again officially a skater. She skated two programs at the Ice All Stars Show, and it was just surreal seeing her (even if it was hours after the fact, and I was watching on the computer monitor, not a TV screen). First off, she has lost none of her Kweenly presence. And her jumps–two double axels, two triple toes–were clean and secure. I was actually even more moved by the delicate, artistic moves that she performed, the falling leaf, the Charlotte, and above all, that lingering spiral which is still just glorious.

It was an excellent comeback by Michelle, but now the question turns to what she’s going to do next. We know she’s not going to compete in the Olympic-division side of skating this year. But is she going to keep training hard for professional shows? As good of a start as this obviously was, her fans have come to expect so much from her, and with Michelle’s own high standards for herself, she’ll likely want to continue to up the difficulty level, especially with her jumps. Will she be able to do that while attending graduate school? What’s next for her?

Of course, only Michelle can decide her course from here on now. Until she makes her next move, her fans will have Friday night’s programs to relish for quite some time. Thank you, Michelle, and welcome back.

4 Responses to The Kween is Back…

  1. Michelle says:

    she finished her grad degree in denver this year.

  2. Michelle says:

    no wait! that was her undergrad at denver, right? i’m confused.

  3. tommylander says:

    You’re gonna have to up your game if you’re gonna be a Kwanologist, Michelle. She started her undergrad studies at UCLA but ended up transferring over to a university in Denver (the word was that she was dating some Colorado guy), where just graduated with a Bachelor’s in international studies. In the fall, she’ll start her graduate studies in international relations at Tufts University near Boston.

  4. Michelle says:

    thanks for clearing all that up. yes, i heard she was dating some rich guy in denver.

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