To Pack Or Brat Pack–That Is the Question

The first phase of my Korean Bum Days are coming to an end, soon to be replaced by my American Bum Days. I’m getting on a plane tomorrow night, and after 12 hours or so (I’ve downloaded the following programs to see me through: 1) A British show called “Coupling”; I’ve already watched the first season, and it’s like pancakes–light and fluffy, 2) The first season of “The Hills,” as I’ve never seen it, and I read that it’s Spencer-less, which can only be a plus, 3) A Comedy Central show from a few years back called “Strangers With Candy,” which I heard is pretty funny, & 4) The latest episodes of Project Runway & Top Chef), I’ll be ready to face my family, Quarter Pounders, bike-riding on the beach, watching the U.S. Open tennis tournament all day, and–YES!–visiting the public library where there will be immense amounts of books IN ENGLISH! Oh, Hallelujah.

Anyhow, I’m actually still in the middle of packing stuff, but I’m a bit low on energy (fighting a cold yet again, and seriously, if one more person makes a comment to me about the Swine Flu, I am so going to scream), so I decided to listen to some new music on the computer to pep me up a bit. A good thing I did, as a cool blog called Spacetoasters led me to this video of dancing 80’s Brat Pack-style to Phoenix’s “Lisztomania.” It’s awesome and then some (I’d give the Most Valuable Dancer award to Molly Ringwald for her head-shaking moves in the middle of the stairs). So I thought I’d share this with you before I resume packing. Or do I mean Brat Packing? Ha ha ha ha ha…

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