“Ah-ssa” (rhymes with Lhasa in Lhasa Apso, the dog breed) is the Korean equivalent of “Oh, yeah!” or “Hell yes!” or whatever you like to say when good things happen. Well, I’m writing this from Incheon Airport (at a free Internet zone courtesy of Korean cellphone company SK Telecom), and I’m still positively glowing from a very recent Ah-ssa moment. What’s up? I have two words for you: Prestige Class.

I’m still not exactly sure how the heck it happened, but as I was checking in, the nice young man in glasses said oh-so-matter-of-factly that there’s an “opportunity” (Korean=gi-hwae) available, so my ticket got upgraded to first class. I wasn’t sure I heard him right, but oh, yes, it’s true. I have the boarding pass in hand, and it is not a dream nor a fantasy, I’ll be flying to the States in style~~. AH-SSA!!!!!!!

The funny thing is, this actually happened to me once before, when me and my ex flew to Hong Kong. But that time, the flight was only something like one and a half hours, so I barely had the chance to really savor it. But this time, oh, savor it, I will.

I can’t wonder how and why this happened. I guess it was my devastatingly handsome looks, my eye-blinding charisma, and my elegant manners that did the trick… HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA… Oh, I do crack myself up sometimes… Anyhow, whatever it was, thank you God. I always knew you existed (although that Why Doesn’t God Cure Amputees? site did raise some interesting questions), and this only confirms it!!!


As it turns out, airplane food on first class is still airplane food, meaning it’s still crap, multi-course or not. Aside from that though, the flight was unreal. The seats could go down almost completely horizontally, and I had about as good a sleep as I’ve ever had on a plane. Plus, you didn’t have to stand in long lines to both enter and exit the plane, and it turns out your bags come out first in baggage claims. I did have some qualms about coming off elitist, but I decided to get over it as it was a single, serendipitous occasion.

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