American Impressions…

Phantom_Planet_California_150_150_SonyIt’s my second full day back in California, and here are some random observations:

1. The cool thing about family (and very good friends) is that even though you haven’t seen them for months (7 to be exact), it can still feel like you never went away.

2. On the other hands, family members (at least in mine) seem to communicate exclusively in imperatives (the linguistic term for commands). Eat this. Do this. Watch this. You should. You’ve gotta. Why don’t you? I know it all comes from love, but seriously, in the words of Michael and Janet, “Makes me want to scream.” But that being said, no one will ever love me as much and as unconditionally as my family does, especially my mom. So can’t complain too much.

3. It sure is quiet in suburban Southern California. No blaring loud music and dancing girls in front of cell phone stores. No laundry men screaming in the morning for people to give them their dry cleaning. No trucks with loudspeakers telling everyone about vegetable sales. It’s so quiet here that the silence feels noisy, if you know what I mean.

4. Driving is fun!

5. Driving to a home-made mix CD is REALLY fun!

6. The public library is almost like heaven itself. And the books are FREE!!! (for three weeks, anyway)

7. It IS a small world after all. My trip to Wal-Mart led to a run-in with a Romanian girl that I went to grad school with. She wasn’t very happy and told me all about how her linguistics degree turned out to be worthless and she couldn’t find a job anywhere. I wasn’t sure what to say, except “Well, good luck!”

8. Mastering the self-checkout counter at Wal-Mart can lead one to feel like a genius!

9. I don’t get soft shell tacos at all. If that’s your thing, why not just get a burrito? Tacos are supposed to be CRUNCHY; am I not right?

10. The Tennis Channel is a good thing. A very, very good thing.

California – Phantom Planet

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