(Top 101 Countdown) #77. Respect – Aretha Franklin

Aretha_Franklin1I’m sick. Fever. Sore throat. Tired, tired, tired. Maybe it’s the swine flu that every one of my Korean friends warned me about. I wonder if one can get it from having too much sam-gyup-sal (Korean roasted pork, yum, yum, yum). Anyhow, I’m sick, so I’ll make this short.

From my experience, love without respect is like eating ice cream without a cone (or a cup, if that’s what you prefer). It may taste good; it may feel good. But it leaves a big old sticky mess that’s hard to wash off.

That didn’t register? Okay, how about this one? Love without respect is like a credit card without a driver’s license. You really need one for the other to be truly accepted and verified…

Okay, forget it. All I’m saying is that it doesn’t work, at least not for the long haul. Let me just have Aretha explain it:

77. Respect – Aretha Franklin

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