(Top 101 Countdown) #76. Don’t Go Away – Oasis

Well, tomorrow’s the big day. I’m heading over to the land of Big Ben, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and the Beckhams. It feels surreal that I’m actually finally going. In a way, it almost feels like a letdown already, like looking forward to it was really the best part, better than actually going on the trip. I think it’s just my way of being nervous. I don’t want to end up hungry, penniless (well, pound-less and Euro-less, to be exact), and completely clueless as to how to get to my hostel. I’m flying into the UNKNOWN–it’s actually pretty cool, now that I think of it.

Anyhow, it’s good timing, as the next song on our Top 101 Countdown comes from the British bad boy-brother duo Oasis. I read on the internet that they’ve finally broken up after years and years of bickering and dwindling relevance, but when they were at their peak, they WERE the story and the morning glory.

The thing about Oasis is that while they had that whiny quality so common to cooler-than-thou alterna-bands, they still resisted the arrogance of irony; they really believed in the music they were making, and Liam sang his heart–whiny as it was–into each and every lyric.

“Don’t Go Away” is in my opinion the very best of Oasis, its plaintative, yearning quality revealing a vulnerability under all of the brothers’ bravado. It’s British brilliance, and I’m going to London to find more of the same. Wish me luck.

76. Don't Go Away – Oasis

2 Responses to (Top 101 Countdown) #76. Don’t Go Away – Oasis

  1. Julian says:

    I’d forgotten “Don’t Go Away.” It’s a great song. Thanks for putting it in the spotlight.

    Have a terrific time in London and points beyond!


    • tommylander says:

      Thank you, Julian. After London and Paris, maybe Tokyo will be next someday soon. Seriously, there is SO much to see in this world…

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