Bye-Bye, Baby, Bye-Bye…


This is my last night in London, and bittersweet, it is.

I made it out to the Tower of London yesterday, and one thing was made absolutely clear. When it comes to bling-bling, Puff Daddy has absolutely nothing on Queen Elizabeth. The Crown Jewels (no, get your mind out of the gutter) were a mind-boggling display of royal excess. Crowns, scepters, regalia, what have you, every inch of it was covered in gold, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, saphires, pearls, and velvet. Seriously, I hope no guy ends up taking his beloved here just after getting engaged, because she’s going to take a long, hard second look at her diamond engagement ring and say something like, “Hmm. My diamond is about 1/300th of that one. Interesting, don’t you think?” Yeah, try to find a clever answer for that one.

The funny and the gauling part was that there was a box near the exit asking for people’s donations. Uh, why don’t you just sell one of those crowns in there? That should get you about a trillion pounds to tide you over for a while!

Anyhow, after that, I decided that I had seen pretty much everything I wanted to see of London (I decided to say “ixnay” on the Windsor Castle, as I didn’t feel like making the trip out). So today was spent pretty much relaxing around. I did my laundry (a stroll of the neighborhood had led me to a “launderette”; Hallelujah!), had an English breakfast for lunch (paradoxical perhaps, but it was the best food I had in London; the mushrooms were AMAZING!), went over to the Westminster Abbey for another Evensong service (it was the adults’ choir tonight, and they were amazing as well), and I then hung around the Big Ben/London Eye area until the British sunset set in. I also flailed through a couple of games of Dance Dance Revolution in a nearby arcade (hey, once a dork, always a dork).

Now, it is onto Paris, and to be honest, I am pretty scared. I still don’t speak a lick of French, and the French people have a bit of a reputation for being somewhat rude, you may have heard. Oh, well. Traveling is an adventure and a microcosm of life itself. So I will dive in. No worries, mate, and no worries, monsieur!


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