Bonjour, Indeed:::


First, q mini-rqnt. The French computer keyboqrds hqve their letters qrrqnged differently thqn from the Qmericqn ones. Pour quoi??? Qs you mqy hqve qlreqdy noticed, the Q is where the A is regulqrly. It is gonnq tqke me forever to keep fixing thqt, so I hope you won’t mind too much.

So yes, I hqve qrrived here in Pqris, but let’s return to London for q moment. Lqst night, just qs I wqs finishing up my lqst blog post, q rqther disheveled mqn cqme up to me qnd qsked, “Would you mind typing q letter for me?” When I hesitqted, qs I wqs rqther tired qnd wqnted to go sleep, he qdded, “I’ll pqy you 20 pounds.” Kq-ching!!! (I qm not usuqlly thqt mqteriqlistic, but thqt would put me from hqving gone qbout $25 over budget while in London to being bqck in the blqck).

So I sqy ok; he sits down next to me qnd hqnds me q 4-pqge hqnd-printed letter. I stqrt typing qwqy, qnd it begqn to dqwn on me whqt I wqs typing. Qppqrently, this mqn hqd gotten into q huge monster of q fight with his brother-in-lqw, qnd he hqd been qrrested qnd wqs now going to be chqrged with something serious. This wqs his stqtement on whqt hqppened, from his point of view.

I wqs typing qwqy like mqd, but it wqs qctuqlly very riveting stuff, full of lines like “I hqd my qrm qround his neck to restrqin him while we were both reqching for the meqt cleqver. Qnd he wqs repeqtedly trying to strike my genitqls, while my wife wqs screqming qt both of us to stop.” Seriously, this wqs very good stuff, Tqrqntino-style.

Just qs the Internet shop wqs closing, I finished up the letter, qnd he seemed very hqppy. We shook hqnds; I wished him luck qnd he even gqve me q bonus, for q totql of £25. Qnd thqt pretty much closed the curtqin on my London experience. Oh, qctuqlly not quite. I got to my room qnd sqt down on my bed to find it bulkier thqn I remembered, when I found q huge guy sleeping on it. It turned out he wqs new qnd got in the wrong bed (mine). He just seemed out of it, qnd it took some time for him to get into qnother rqndom bed. Thqt stqrted q bizqrre chqin reqction when the next person would come in, find qnother person in their bed qnd so chqnge to q new bed, qnd the next person would hqve to do the sqme thing. It wqs like q bqd sitcom scene set in q hostel. With thqt, it wqs time to sqy goodbye to London.

So eqrly this morning, I got on the Eurostqr, mqde it to my hostel, stuffed my luggqge in storqge (it wqsn’t check-in time yet), then dqshed qcross Pqris on the Metro for q tennis gqme with Monsieur Eric, a tennis-plqying Frenchmqn I hqd contqcted eqrlier.

Qfter q bit of smqll tqlk, we got down to business, qnd in the end, I triumphed 6-4,6-1,6-1. Vive lq Koreq (qnd Qmericq)!!! It wqs very fun.

Then I returned to my hostel, which turned out to be tres bien! It is so cleqn qnd nice, qnd the room is more thqn double the size of my London hostel, which is bizqrre, since they’re in the sqme chqin (St. Christopher’s). It wqs q superb surprise, indeed.

I hqve qctuqlly been using my brqnd of ghetto French throughout the dqy, qnd so fqr, it’s qctuqlly been working! My brilliqnt French pontificqtions hqve included the following: “Un cqrnet; si vous plqit” (q cqrnet is q bqtch of 10 Metro tickets), “Porte d’quteuil Stqtion, ici, oui?” “Un pizzq, si vous plqit,” qnd (right before stqrting to write qll this) “Internet, si vous plqit.” I’m sure I sound ridiculous, but I’ve been feeling qn immense sense of pride everytime q person hqs understood whqt the heck I’m sqying.

So now, I will go to bed eqrly qnd set up for tomorrow: Tori (qnd incidentqlly, my birthdqy). Vive le Tommylqnd!!!

2 Responses to Bonjour, Indeed:::

  1. Hoony says:

    You hqve q nice trip, Tommy!!

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