“Male Prima Donna” by Subtle Sexuality

I haven’t talked about The Office for a while, and there’s good reason for that. Aside from Jim and Pam’s wedding episode (which was just about perfect), the writing hasn’t really been that great this season. I mean, the whole episode with the “Mafia boss” was just stupid. Not Michael-stupid in its painfully awkward yet hilarious way. Just stupid.

Still, even subpar Office writing is better than pretty much everything out there, and I have high hopes for the whole Michael-dates-Pam’s-mom storyline. Meanwhile, here’s this from Kelly, Erin, Andy, and Ryan (he runs away with this–they’ve really gotta start giving him more scenes): “Male Prima Donna.” It’s pure gold.

EDIT: Stupid NBC has taken the video down. Well, NBC, I would have been happy to watch this and other webisodes on your site if it wasn’t for the advertisements you run about every five seconds!!! Okay, rant over. Sorry about the lack of video; here’s the audio file.

Male Prima Donna – Subtle Sexuality

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