Gleefully Lazy…

For the last week, I have done nothing. Nothing. NOTHING. Okay, well, that’s not technically true, I suppose, with the breathing, eating, and the bowel movements, but it’s perilously close to the truth. You would think from looking at me that it was ME that had the operation, not my aunt, who I’m glad to report is getting better day by day.

I did play tennis a couple of times, playing quite well the first day and playing like crap the second (I blame the old strings, not my wimp-ass backhand). I also do the dishes quite a bit, which is really my major contribution to my aunt’s recovery, along with offering her my arm when we walk over to Aunt #3’s house to have dinner with Aunt #3 and my mom. My mother has been cooking up a storm, bum knee and all. She’ll be having HER surgery in two weeks, and she’ll be staying at the hospital for 4-5 days (no worries, mate; been there, done that!).

Aside from that, not much has happened. I did get a call from my former school two nights ago. A Mr. Jung called me, and I talked to him for about 3 minutes making small talk (“Yes, I’m back in Seoul now. I’m fine; how about you?”) without the slightest clue who I was talking to. Then he said that “they” happened to think about me while they were having dinner, and Mr. Jung passed the phone on to an older gentleman who I’m fairly certain was quite plastered. The older gentleman kept asking me when I was going to visit, and again, I had no idea who I was talking to and weakly answered, “Soon?” Then the light bulb FINALLY went on, and I realized that I was talking to my former principal, and Mr. Jung was one of the homeroom teachers I used to work with. The conversation ended shortly, with Mr. Jung telling me they would call me again soon to get together. I was actually quite touched that they remembered me, and I also found it ironic that my principal missed me while being drunk when he wouldn’t even write me a recommendation letter. Still, it was kind of sweet.

So that’s pretty much all that’s been up with me. My vast laziness will go down one tiny level as of tonight, when I dust off my rusty teaching skills and go back to tutoring a girl student. I started teaching her when she was in kindergarten, and now she’s in sixth grade! I’ve worked with her on everything from phonics to book reports to science to Spanish to math (teaching her to multiply remains one of my proudest teaching accomplishments), and now her mom wants me to help her with grammar. Anyhow, she’s a sweet, sincere student, and I’m actually rather psyched about teaching again. So apparently, even laziness has its limits.

I should actually go start getting ready now. Meanwhile, I leave you with a song from Glee, which has now surpassed The Office to officially become the #1 TV Show in all of Tommyland. It’s great stuff, with the only weakness being Finn’s weak voice, which suffers even more when he’s singing with songbird extradionnaire Rachel. This track is a great cover of “Endless Love” sung by Rachel and glee club director Mr. Schuester (“Mr. Schue”) in a scene that was both sweet and bizarre at the same time. There’s that combo again. Bizarre but sweet; just the way I like it.

Endless Love – Glee Cast

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