R.R. Time…

My New Place (The Beautiful Room Is No Longer Empty)

It has been some week already. My mother and I finished our week-long stay at Goryeo University Hospital, finally heading out into the great outdoors Monday morning (My mom’s recovering well, but she has to use crutches for the next month). Then I went straight to my new studio apartment to receive my keys and officially move in. After that, it was shop, shop, til I drop for everyday things like laundry detergent, soap, floor mats, kitchen utensils, etc. I’m saving the big stuff–namely a desk and a laptop computer–for later this week (“Ouch,” said my bank account).

I remain very happy with my new place (oh, freedom, how I have missed you), though it is not without its idiosyncracies. My place is right next to the building elevator, and I hear creaking noises every time it goes up or down. And my heater (it’s getting pretty darn cold in Korea) makes a bizarre whistling sound at random times throughout the day (it woke me up around 4 AM this morning). Still, I don’t care. It’s my new home, and I feel grateful to have found it.

Looking back upon 2009, it has been an interesting year indeed. It definitely had its awesome highs (Paris, meeting Tori, Tommyland Chess Tournaments #1 & 2), and it certainly had its nightmare moments (making the tough decision to leave my school, my aunt’s cancer scare, and my mom’s knee surgery). Overall, it was definitely filled with learning experiences, and I think it’s all done me good, even the tough parts, since I was able to get through them without turning into something I didn’t want to be. I can say that I now feel stronger and wiser than perhaps ever before–though that’s not saying much, ha ha–but at the same time, I gotta admit, the last month or so has done a bang-up job of tiring me out, both physically and mentally.

So, what is a wiped-out soul like me left to do to find solace and rejuvenate himself? There can only be one answer: KARAOKE (hey, don’t knock it before you try it)!!! So here is your truly with a tone-deaf rendition of my favorite song in the past memorable year.

The R.R. Song (i.e. The Song Above)

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