A Whole Lotta Snow…

Outside My Aunt's Apartment

Well, I said I wouldn’t be doing a whole lot of blogging, but here I am again. Ha! I had to write about today, as it was the snowiest day in Korean history–or since they started keeping official records, which is over a hundred years ago! Yeah, it was pretty crazy out there. Absolutely beautiful, but crazy nonetheless.

For one thing, today was the day I was to start exercising again by going on a morning jog. Well, as it turns out jogging in knee-deep snow is pretty hard. Still, it was kind of fun, and it woke me up in a major way. Then in the afternoon was my mother’s post-surgery check-up appointment at the hospital. With the crazy traffic conditions, my mom tried to reschedule the appointment only to find the earliest date to see the doctor would be two weeks from now. So I ended up trying to flag a taxi down with a driver kind (and insane) enough to risk the snow-covered highways for an hour. It took a while, but eventually, things worked out and we got to the hospital in one piece. There, I watched as the doctor jabbed my mother’s swollen knee with a huge old needle (seriously, the syringe looked like a screwdriver) to drain the fluids out. Oh, that sucked just to watch, and my mother was left muffling her own screams with one hand while holding on to mine with the other. After that, we had another ordeal trying to find another taxi to take us home (one driver told me that he had a flat tire; I wish I knew the Korean equivalent of “Liar, liar, pants on fire”), but again, it worked out in the end. All in all, an exhausting but memorable day. And despite all the trouble it caused, the snow sure does look purty.

P.S. I started writing last night, and well, it’s pretty darn exhilarating. I can tell there’s gonna be a whole lot of writing then re-writing and editing and so forth, but yes, I think there IS indeed a story to be told; it’s just gonna take a whole lot of dedication and perseverance. As of tonight, I’ve written seven pages, single-spaced, font size 12. Not much, perhaps, but it’s a start, which is what I’ve been waiting for a long time now.

What Child, Nowell – Tori Amos

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