(Top 101) #67. The Kiss Of Life — Sade

The weather continues to be freezing here in Korea, and I’m kind of in the doldrums myself. Basically, as I’m writing (28 pages and counting), I’m finding myself delving into certain things that have happened to me in my past, and it hasn’t been easy to relive and write about those moments, even under the guise of fiction.

So, I think it’s timely that the #67 song on our Countdown comes from the warmest and the most soothing voice in all of pop music: that of Sade Adu, better known simply as Sade (technically, though, Sade is actually a band, comprised of Sade herself and her musicians; I remember being totally confused when Sade was nominated for Best Duo or Group for “No Ordinary Love”).

Oh, how to count the ways to describe Sade’s voice. The feel of velvet on your skin, the taste of cream on your coffee, the sound of a mother holding her baby to her breast, pick a metaphor. I think most of all, I think of warmth when I hear Sade’s voice, and on a night when you feel so utterly alone, it may be enough for you to derive strength from… and hold on.

67. The Kiss Of Life – Sade

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