(Top 101) #65. Missing You – John Waite

I’ve got the worst head cold ever. It’s been a long time in coming; staying out late on a freezing Saturday night can be detrimental to your health, no matter how much fun you may be having at a karaoke bar (though my first public rendition of Rick Astley brought down the house, I’m proud to say). I’ve also received my first set of monthly bills for my new place, and the eye-opening total came out to be about $170, from which about $100 was for using the heater. Yikes. Snow is nice and all (the first couple of times, anyway), but I can’t wait until winter’s over.

Now, it’s time for the #65 song on our Countdown: John Waite’s “Missing You.” I’m not even sure what else to say about the song except that it’s great. It’s instantly catchy and infinitely relatable (Anyone here who HASN’T missed someone desperately at one time? Yeah, didn’t think so), a true 80s classic. Also fantastic is the video, which despite all its 80s kitschy moments (John, what’s with that earring?), manages to tell a fully-realized story. I remember watching it as a boy and being truly moved when the girlfriend goes to John’s house to get back together and knocks only the door only for him not to answer–because he’s listening to music on his headphones and can’t hear her. Oh, the irony of a singer who makes music about love losing love because he’s listening to music…

65. Missing You – John Waite

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