Cup of Cocoa? That’ll be four bucks, please…

Never Thought I'd Come To This...

Somebody slap me now, I’ve become a walking cliche. I’m here at the Apkujeong Starbucks sipping on a $4 cup of hot chocolate, writing this over their free Wi-Fi connection. Yup, I’ve joined the cadre of laptop-toting writer-wannabe loners who loiter at Starbucks pretty much because they have nowhere else to go. Okay, maybe I do have a bit of an excuse; I’m gonna start tutoring right near here in a couple of hours, and I wanted to use my time the “write way” (ha ha). Still, after years of secretly rolling my eyes at the Starbuckers, it feels bitter indeed to have crossed over to their side. Speaking of bitter, what’s with this hot chocolate anyway? $4 for this?!? The least they could’ve done was toss in a marshmallow or two… Okay, rant over. Gotta go write now.

2 Responses to Cup of Cocoa? That’ll be four bucks, please…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha–I was trying to find another blog and stumbled upon yours instead and just had to leave a comment! I work at Starbucks and I always wonder how anyone can justify spending that much money everyday on a drink. I mean, I can understand if you come in once in a while for a treat but we have a core group who come in everyday to get the same thing and I keep thinking “you know how much you can get for that amount of money at the supermarket?!?!?!” It is a nice way to kill time though and the atmosphere is nice. 🙂

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