Acts of Man…

Writing is such a weird act. On one hand, you have to utterly be selfless as to give all of yourself and let others do with it as you will. On the other hand, you have to be selfish and arrogant enough to think that what you have to say is important enough for you to feel the need to tell the whole wide world.

Is what I’m saying even making sense? I’m at the 56-page mark of the first draft of my novel, so I’m on course after one month, but yeah, it is taking an emotional toll. The overall plot that I’m writing is almost completely fictional, but the details of the story are turning out to be unbearably autobiographical, because as it turns out, a) I don’t know a whole lot about the outside world, and b) my character by nature is directed painfully inwards. Writing for me has turned out to be–for better or worse–a form of self-cannibalism, and yes, it hurts. Quite a bit, actually.

Fortunately, music is still of help, like this new song by Midlake: “Acts of Man.” It’s sad but also soothing, like the sound of the ocean waves outside your window when you’re alone in a run-down motel at an off-season resort. I love it…

Acts of Man – Midlake

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