Worth the Wait…

Let me start with a few notes on the recent Grammys: Pink was awesome, the Lady Gaga/Elton John combo was pretty cool, and I love the voices of that country group Lady Antebellum, but the rest of the show, I thought, was like watching a train wreck–a glamorous, neon-lit, dressed-to-the-hilt, self-congratulatory train wreck, but a trainwreck nonetheless. Still, it was a fascinating spectacle, just as the Grammys always is.

I’m at 68 pages and counting on the first draft of my would-be-novel. I’ve also decided on a title. There were two that I was considering, and I ended up asking the sixth-grade girl that I tutor which title she found more interesting, and I’m going with the one she chose (thinking about it, she was absolutely right). I’ve actually found a nice rhythm this week. It’s probably not going to be like this all the time, but it’s nice to know when I sit down in front of my laptop that something will happen.

This week, I’ve also been inspired on a few different fronts. I’ve found an old audio interview with Scott Spencer, who wrote Endless Love, my all-time favorite novel, and it was mesmerizing to hear his voice and hear him talk about his writing process (to top it off, he sounds like such a nice guy).

And of course, there’s music as always. And this week, I’ve been listening to the new Sade album non-stop; it’s absolutely beautiful. It is exactly what you’d expect from Sade: elegant, classy, romantic, with an air of both strength and a desperate longing. It’s been something like ten years since the last Sade CD, and The Soldier of Love has definitely been worth the wait. The album is exactly what I want so much for my novel to turn out to be: timeless.

Babyfather – Sade

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