(Top 101) #60. 1-2 Step –Ciara

It seems lately like I’ve been writing in this blog only when I’m going through some emotional tornado of some kind. Well, today I’m glad to report that I’m fine. I’m up to page 85 in my novel-to-be (I’m finally getting near the part the main character arrives in Korea). I had shrimp and egg fried rice for lunch; it was delicious. I worked the heck out of my biceps and triceps, and they’re burning as I type this. I watched the new Office episode while I was on a cycling machine, and it was pretty funny (favorite moment: Jim dips Dwayne’s tie in his coffee). So no drama, no trauma, no tears, no fears, not feeling manic, not feeling panicked… All is calm, all is bright. In fact, I think I may turn up the #60 song on the Top 101 Countdown and dance it all out with Miss Ciara and her “1-2 Step.” You go, girl, and take me with you while you’re at it!

60. 1-2 Step – Ciara

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