To Be This Smart…

I think that kid is my new hero!

Here’s the latest Book Update: I’ve finally finished the first draft of Part One, which ended up running about 140 pages. I’ll be re-writing it this week–I keep telling myself, “Less is more; less is more!”–and from next week, I’ll finally be writing about what happens to the main character after he arrives in Korea. It’s kinda scary to contemplate (how to condense 9+ years of teaching into one book?), but like Tim Gunn says, I’ve gotta make it work.

The Oscars ceremony was pretty fun, I thought. Steve Martin was great, and that dance crew was out of this world! But the highlight by far was the great tribute to John Hughes. Seriously, he is to the teen psyche what Scorsese is to mobsters, and who would say mobsters are more important to teenagers? You know what I mean… Still, I guess I’ve fallen way behind the movie star loop since coming to Korea, because I didn’t recognize almost half of the people who were presenting awards. And even the ones I did, I wasn’t sure why they would be asked to be there (Tina Fey’s been in movies? Why the heck is Miley Cyrus up there? And Neil Patrick Harris is opening up the show???). Still, gotta give props to a show that kept me interested despite the fact that the only nominated movie that I saw was “Precious” (congrats to Mo’nique for her win!).

The 6th grade girl that I tutor told me that one of her teachers told the class that women are like elephants. Why? Because women remember everything. I was very confused by this story, but the girl was sure that she remembered it correctly.

The Korean boy band 2PM is in hot, hot water after a big controversy. It’s all rather convoluted, but to make a long story short, a member (Jaebum) who was kicked out of the band for making not-so-nice comments about Korea on MySpace (he’s Korean-American) was supposed to rejoin the other members, but then their management company canceled those plans saying Jaebum did something wrong, but no one is saying what he supposedly did, and there are all kinds of rumors flying around, about him, the company, and the other members, and a whole bunch of fans are all upset. It’s all pretty sad (especially a side story where one member, Nichkhun who’s from Thailand, is rumored to be tormented and ostracized by the other members after he supposedly tried to stand up for Jaebum), but it’s all engrossing stuff, nonetheless…

I’m still keeping up with the American Idol episodes, but I don’t really feel much of anything for any of the contestants. Crystal’s good, but even she’s nowhere as kick-ass as Kris or Adam from last season. So far, the season’s making Simon look like a genius for leaving ship just in time…

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