#51. Runaway Train – Soul Asylum

When I was in high school, my accountng teacher–old, crochety Mr. Berens–would leave the classroom a lot, leaving us to calculate debits and credits on our own. People would have loud conversations, and I’d take advantage of the chaos to softly sing to myself (needless to say, I didn’t have many friends). I wasn’t very good; I remember the time the girl that sat next to me–Cathy–asked me to please stop singing Depeche Mode’s “Somebody” because she “loved” that song. I guess my singing was desecrating it for her.

Anyhow, I remember singing “Runaway Train” more than any other song because it was so popular that year and the chorus was on constant repeat in my brain. Cathy apparently didn’t like it too much because she never told me to shut up when I was singing it, but I sure did. And still do.

Everything seems so cut and dry
Day and night, Earth and sky
Somehow I just don’t believe it…

51. Runaway Train – Soul Asylum

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