Turning Japanese…

Me in a Yukata robe

I got back two days ago from a week-long trip to Japan.  I went with my mother, who’s here to visit, and it was both our first time in the Land of the Rising Sun.  We went to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, and a couple of other places with names I can’t remember.  It was definitely an interesting time, and I’m very glad that I finally made it to Japan.  At first, everything seemed virtually identical to Korea–aside from the language–and I was almost a little bored because nothing felt very new.  But with time, the Japanese vibe slowly but surely crept in here and there, leaving me very intrigued.  It’s obviously impossible to come to concrete conclusions after just a week, but one impression that I did feel is that the Japanese are very self-contained, like everyone’s walking around in a box of their own, careful not to show what’s inside to most others.  In contrast, I see Koreans as being individual fires, always looking for things to burn or other flames with which they can join forces.  Anyhow, I definitely want to head back to Japan at some point, especially to Tokyo, which we just whizzed by much too fast. 

Now here’s a track by a Japanese group called Soul’d Out:  “Tokyo Tsushin.”  I have no idea what they’re saying (including the parts that I think are supposed to be in English) or who the band is, but it doesn’t matter:  the song is mega-pop-alicious and transcends all borders and boxes.

Tokyo Tsushin – Soul’d Out

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