(Top 101) #45. Will You Still Love Me – Chicago

Chicago’s an interesting one.  They’re the only band that I have on my mp3 player with songs featuring THREE–yes, count ’em, three–different lead singers.  Of course, there’s the high pitch wonder that was Peter Cetera (Hard To Say I’m Sorry, You’re the Inspiration, etc.).  Then there’s the low, rumbling voice of the guy who sang “Look Away,” arguably Chicago’s biggest hit.  And finally, there’s the young Richard Marx look-alike who sang “Will You Still Love Me,” the #45 song on our countdown.  His voice, while sounding sweet and yearning, actually isn’t as distinctive as the other two guys.  But that actually helps the song, which is really all about a regular Joe who’s actually managed to meet someone he wants to share the rest of his life and can’t quite believe it.   The sweet but plain voice makes it all the more plaintive and all the more touching.

There was no special someone for me

I was the lonely one, you see

But then my heart lost all control

Now you’re all that I know

45. Will You Still Love Me – Chicago

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