Pink: the softest and girliest of colors. You think, cotton candy, tulips, lip gloss, Molly Ringwald and her homemade prom dress, the Pink Ladies in Grease, what have you.

Eye: the most integral of body parts. Gives you the power of sight, beholds beauty, you meet someone else’s to signify a whole variety of meanings.

Pink. Eye. Two beautiful words. Yet, you add them up together, and you’re left with the crustiest, nastiest, yet sissiest of infections. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my right eye and I have come down (way, way down) with a case of pinkeye.

Never had it? Consider yourself lucky. It sucks. Of course, it beats having something life-threatening and all that, but the superficiality of pinkeye is what leaves you feeling so… silly, really.

I woke up this morning and my right eyeball felt like just like a cooked marshmallow (i.e. gooey, sticky, with a crispy crust on the outside). I knew something was up, and one look in the mirror told me that it wasn’t going to be a good day.

I went straight to the eye doctor, and he asked me why I was there, and I told him what was going on, saying, “I think I have pinkeye.” His response as he checked on my eyeball with his big eye-checking machine? “Yeah, you’re probably right.” Probably??? Aren’t YOU the one with the big old medical degree? Couldn’t you at least make sure before you just take my word for it? Apparently not. He just took a quick look, prescribed me some eyedrops, told me not to wear contacts for a while, and took my money, in that order. Ugh.

Fortunately, life giveth as it taketh, and today wasn’t all bad. I received an e-mail informing me that one of my short stories has been accepted into the Seoul Writers Anthology book that’s going to come out in October. Basically, it’s this collection of stories and poems published by the Seoul Writers, the writing collective which holds the workshops that I attend every other Sundays. Any English-speaking person residing in Korea was eligible to send submissions, and from about 70 total works submitted, 20 were chosen to be included, and one of them is going to be yours truly. I can’t lie; it felt (and feels) very cool to get the news. It’s going to be my first time being published in a non-school-related collection, and it’s just nice to know that someone’s read your work and didn’t think it was completely crappy (Yes!).

My story’s called “What Do You Want To Eat?” and it was actually inspired from the time my aunt and I spent at the hospital when she had her big cancer scare (all is still good on that front, thank God). The story’s actually pretty sad, but I’m proud of it. I don’t think I’m all that great of a short story writer (I prefer working on the novel, where you have the time and space to meander while you’re digging deep), but I felt quite emotional while I was writing it, and I think it comes across. Anyhow, it was nice to receive the encouraging news, especially as I’m in a bit of a rut with my novel-to-be. I’m kind of stuck, and I think I need to take a step back and review (and likely re-work) much of what I have to make sure I’m staying on the right path.

Okay, I leave you now with several of my current musical obsessions:

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