(Top 101) #32. Silence (Remix) – Sarah Mclachlan+Delerium

Husband: Honey, hear that? They’re playing my song.
Wife: But I can’t hear anything, honey.
Husband: Exactly.

I can’t remember what movie or book I got that scene from, but what I do remember is that the sentiment sure struck home. Sometimes, you need silence. And sometimes, you need solitude. And there are times when you need music that feels like you have both. Sound like a paradox? Perhaps, but when you’re listening to this song, it’s easy to imagine you’re all alone in a world of your design where it’s you that controls all the beats and sounds. To put it simply, it takes you away. Maybe back to yourself.

32. Silence (Airscape Remix Edit) – Sarah Mclachlan+Delerium

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