(Top 101) #30. Crazy – Andy Bell

Thank you, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Mother Mary, and all other deities. My aunt (and by extension, my other aunt and I) is out of the hospital and back home. Just in time, too. I was going stir-crazy inside my mind, and if we had to stay a few days longer, they probably would’ve moved me over to the psychiatric ward. But now no need.

But it’s the funniest thing. Once I got my aunt settled back at her home and I came back to mine, I felt completely at a loss on just what to do now. For weeks now, my life had been a whirling cycle of choir pratices and dashing back and forth between the hospital room and my aunt’s room to feed the dogs while fitting in my tutoring sessions and firing off resumes to various universities to teach at next year. But to actually have a day, a whole day at last, to spend doing whatever I wanted, it actually felt more odd and unsettling than anything else, really.

After putting in a load of backed-up laundry and checking my e-mail (ooh, my first university interview’s been scheduled for Nov. 9th), I basically just crashed out on my bed and holed up with my Cowon S9 video player to watch episodes of the following:

The Amazing Race (Never really watched this show before–I turned in mostly to see the KevJumba guy–and I’ve gotta say, What a cool show!)

America’s Next Top Model (Cheering for Ann, and I thought I was socially awkward!)

The Office (Still uneven, but still pretty cool, and it was great to see Jan back in all her whacked-out ice queen glory)

Glee (The whole Rocky Horror Picture Show episode left me more confused more than anything else, and I have a feeling watching the movie wouldn’t have helped very much)

Project Runway (I’ve gotta say, I was pretty much blown away by the winner, and NOT in a good way)

The Apprentice (These aspiring businesspeople seem to be bigger and bitchier divas than the girls on Top Model, the Donald included!)

The Apprentice UK (I’m actually enjoying this more than the American version; the Lord Sugar guy has a no-nonsense style that I like instead of Mr. Trump’s mean, self-aggrandizing, oh-look-at-me-and-bow nonsense)

The Jersey Shore (I don’t know, this guilty pleasure is turning into a guilty bore; I think, as Sammi would say about Ron for the umpteenth time, “I’m done.”)

Hoarders (Remains the most horrific yet psychologically fascinating show I’ve ever seen)

Teach: Tony Danza (Anybody else watch this? I highly recommend it for anyone who’s taught kids or interested in teaching. As Tony finds out all too quickly, it sure isn’t easy)

Television. It may indeed be opium for the masses. But sometimes, it can also entertain you and keep you from turning… (cueing killer dance track)…

30. Crazy – Andy Bell

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