Norweigan Wood: The Movie!!!

Some random cross-referencing on Wikipedia brought me to this relevation: “Norweigan Wood,” one of my favorite books of all time, has been turned into a film, and it’s coming out in December. I was stunned at the news, but I suppose I shouldn’t have been. So many books I love have been turned into movies, all of them with one thing in common: they all turned into crap.

It’s uncanny how the film versions have time and time again sapped the magic from great books; apparently turning a book into a movie is reverse alchemy by nature. “Endless Love,” “Dying Young,” “The Great Gatsby,” “A Separate Peace,” the list goes on and on (I didn’t even like “The Accidental Tourist,” and that was nominated for a billion Oscars).

Still, there is no doubt I’ll be going out to the theatre to see “Norweigan Wood,” if only to grind my teeth every time they desecrate a scene from the book (I’m already irked by the trailer; there’s no way Wanatabe was such a pretty boy, and Midori seems to be missing the very spunk that defined her as a character). One must always hold on to hope, after all.

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