Grant Me This Wish…

I can’t stop listening to this.  This guy awes me.  John Grant’s entire Queen of Denmark album is incredible (definitely in my Top Three for the year), but it’s the closing title track that reaches out and takes a hold of your heart in an iron grip.

John Grant’s similar to the Lumberjack Rock artists that I naturally gravitate to (Bonnie Prince Billy, William Fitzsimmons, Damien Jurado, etc.), but with one key difference:  resilience.  This is the voice of a guy who’s gone THROUGH a shitstorm and not only lived through it but has also learned from it. 

There’s an underlying strength and self-awareness to Grant’s music.  He’s not pretending that there is no pain in the world; instead, he’s looking it in the eye and  not running away from it.  And if he isn’t living life with fear, he seems to be singing, why should you?  Good question indeed.

Queen Of Denmark – John Grant

2 Responses to Grant Me This Wish…

  1. Karen says:

    my album of the year without date and so loved seeing this video and definitely one of my favourite tracks and seeing him live has been a revelation. So much more gentle and funny than I imagined

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