Christmas at McDonald’s –by Yours Truly

Well, it’s official.  The contracts are signed, and I will be teaching at K******** University starting next March.  Nobody changed their minds.  Awesome!

With that formality behind me, I’ve been able to write again, and well, to say that it’s brought me joy is an understatement.  Seriously, I may or may not ever be published, but I will forever love the process of writing.  It is such a rush, better than sex, better than pizza, better than soju (though that one’s not saying much), better than just about anything really, because you really have to earn your way to it.  Hard.  But good.  (“That’s what she said!” as Michael Scott would say, HA!) 

The writing group I go to had a Christmas brunch last weekend and a holiday-themed flash fiction writing contest to go with it.  (For those of you not up-to-speed on writer-lingo, “flash fiction” just means fiction that’s really, really short, like a couple of pages or so; I just learned this recently myself.)  So I cranked out a little story called “Christmas at McDonald’s” as my writing-comeback piece.  I didn’t win the contest, and the story is really simple and cheesy as lasagna, but I’m still pretty proud of it.  If not anything else, it’s been a great primer to get me motivated into digging back into my would-be novel after I arrive in the States later this week.

Anyhow, feel free to download the story and give it a read.  It’s really short and (hopefully) painless.  Oh, and of course, have a Merry Christmas, at McDonald’s or elsewhere 🙂

Christmas at McDonald’s (PDF)

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