(Top 101) #26. Islands in the Stream – Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers

While I was in the States, I had a lot of talks with my older brother about God and the Bible.  He’s a born-again Christian, and I’m not.

Although we don’t agree on everything, I admire him for his faith and there’s definitely a sense of peace about him that wasn’t always there before.  As for me, I don’t know.  I’m just not keen on religion, especially with all the hateful crap you see fundamentalists spewing all in religion’s name.  (My brother had a prescient line about this:  “No one hurts Christianity more than Christians.”)

But still, I do believe in God.  I don’t know if God is a He or a She, white or black, has a beard or not, or whatever, but I’ve got to think there’s something out there that’s greater than all of us.  Otherwise, life would me so random, so meaningless.  And that would just… SUCK!  All of the world’s pain, all its suffering, all the sweat, all the running around and scrambling we have to do day after day, I’ve got to think that it’s all gotta add up to something once death comes and strikes.

Is it selfish of me to think that God’s gonna reward us in the afterlife?  And I’m not just talking about myself, I’m talking about everyone, maybe even murderers.  Why?  Well, if you check out the background stories of a lot of serial killers, they’ve had incredibly abusive and messed-up lives from the get-go and never really had a chance at normalcy.  I don’t really know, but I’d like to think Heaven is a grand old party where all our sins get forgiven–no matter how great–and we get to spend eternity by our loved ones talking about how we wouldn’t have stressed so much during our days on Earth if we’d known how cool the afterlife was going to be.  And of course, there’d be an endless supply of great food and great music to keep us happy (like Dolly and Kenny here).  A beach would be nice, too, with green water and white sand… 

25. Islands in the Stream – Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers

And the message is clear

This could be the year for the real thing

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