(Top 101) #25. Last Scene – Rollercoaster

After a Friday night of soju and karaoke, a Saturday of sleeping it off, and a Sunday of comebacks at my writing group’s workshop and choir practice, I feel like I’m back in the swing of things here in Korea.  It’s quite cold here–it snowed quite a bit yesterday–but I actually like it.  The cold is waking me up from the lethargic, calorie-filled haze I happily immersed my brain in while I was in the States.  Now that I’m back, it’s time for me to reclaim my crown as the Most Productive Unemployed Person in all of the Korean Peninsula.

I’ve actually just finished an important chapter in my novel-in-perpetual-progress.  It’s the one that takes place in the city of Gyeongju, and it marks a turning point in the story.  And having gotten through it, I can actually say for the first time that the end is–at least, kinda, sorta, maybe, keeping-my-fingers-crossed–somewhere in sight.  I’ve just prepared a chapter-by-chapter layout of everything I’ve written so far, and from the likes of it, I should be coming to the end three or four chapters from now.  Of course, there’s a whole lot of rewriting that will need to happen, but my overall vision of the narrative is starting to take shape.  I just need to make sure I don’t fuck it all up now.

I can’t even imagine what it will feel like when I put my final, finishing touches on the last scene.  Speaking of which, here’s the next song on our Top 101 Countdown–also slowly but surely approaching its inevitable end–“Last Scene” by the Korean jazz-electronic-pop band, Rollercoaster.  It’s my all-time favorite Korean song.

24. Last Scene – Rollercoaster

Thinking that it must be even harder for you than for me

Doesn’t help me at all…

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