About Tommyland

Hi, I’m just a guy like any guy making his way through life with as many smiles and as little damage as possible. Thanks for visiting!

Here’s a rundown on what the different sections are:

Life As I See It = This is where I blabber about my life and things in general.

Hall of Fame = My all-time favorite works of art, whether it be books, music, whatever.

Serial But Serious Love = Things that I’m desperately infatuated with at the present moment.

Top 101 = My all-time favorite 101 songs counted down in reverse order.

TV Round-Up = I discuss the week’s episodes for American Idol, The Office, and America’s Next Top Model.

Sports Talk = I talk about tennis and figure skating.

Morning Countdown = I set my mp3 player to shuffle, listen to the five songs that come up on my morning commute, and choose the best of the bunch.

Lists For Everything = Pretty much what it sounds like.

9 Responses to About Tommyland

  1. Julian says:

    Saw you on Candy and went to your blog: wow you know so much about music and pop culture! I know about 10% of what you write about (I saw Into the Wild movie and then read the book–opposite order to you. Guess I liked the movie more than you did–the acting and music worked for me. But I enjoyed the movie Once a lot like you did!)
    I’m sure the kids love your classes; I’ve just retired as a teacher so can kick back more;)
    I share a blog with a couple of friends. I’ll be checking back to you blog sometimes. Thanks for sharing so much.

  2. tommylander says:

    Thanks for the nice feedback, Julian! Your site seems really interesting. I’m at school as I write this, but I’ll be checking it out more in depth when I get home.

    P.S. As much as I thought the movie version of “Into the Wild” lacked subtlety, I did like Eddie Vedder’s “Society” song from it.

  3. Julian says:

    Which scene or part of the movie has “Society”? I’ll check the DVD and listen to it.

  4. Julian says:

    Thanks for that. Impressive! Chris/Alex would have liked it;)

  5. Young-Joo Alford(formerly known as Julie) says:

    Hi Tommy!
    Great to see you here. I found you through Michelle. She and I finally reunited after 5 years.

    How have you been ? You look like you lost some weight. You look good though. And you haven’t lost the dance moves for sure.

    I was pretty bummed about MJ too. I watched a lot of his videos on YOU TUBE. Some of them are more than 20 years old and still look really cool.

    My life is good with 2 kids. Dylan’s a good family man and very patient more than anything. He puts up with me everyday. Ha ha ha ha..

    When you come back to US you should stop in Oregon and come see us!

    Take care!!!

    • tommylander says:

      Julie!!! Wow, it’s great to hear from you. You and Young Nu-na were both so nice to me when I first came to WILS. I can’t believe how long ago that is… Did Michelle tell you that Glenn’s still there? Anyhow, say hello to Dylan for me, and I hope you and your family are always happy and healthy!

  6. zaina says:

    I found the first tempation and I am reading it over again! I love the poem high school spells hell! I miss you tommy. I am happy to see your aunt is doing well. I just went through the heart attack thing with gma in may. she is doing well. we are celebrating mimis graduation next month she is our r.n now bravo mimi! Much Love Tommy and Happy Holidays to you!

    • tommylander says:

      Zaina!!! I can’t believe you still have “The First Temptation” (I’m honored!). As for that high school poem, I still stand behind every word, ha ha (much of it my own fault, really; I was even more of a twat back in high school).

      I am glad that your grandma is okay now, and please send Nurse Mimi my congratulations. Where are you living now, Zaina??? I remember you were in the Bay area for a while.

      Wherever you are, I’m sure you remain the coolest chick there. πŸ™‚ –Tommy

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